I work with entrepreneurs worldwide to help them scale their business using relevant software, artificial intelligence, and cloud accounting solutions!

In short, I'm a virtual bookkeeper and admin assistant who utilizes technology, tools, and strategies to make my client's life easier.

Shiela Simon
Shiela Simon

Hey there!

I'm Shiela Simon.

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Hi! My name is Shiela Simon. I'm your new virtual bookkeeper and admin assistant. My mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses scale up and grow using relevant software, the power of AI, and cloud accounting solutions.

To do that, I believe it's paramount to streamline systems and processes and create strategies to support business growth and expansion.

My goal is to help you with your business operations and organize your finances so you can transition from chaos to calm and understand the power and impact of numbers in your business decision-making.

Let's scale up your business!


From planning to setting up monthly bookkeeping and admin activities, I'm here to help with your bookkeeping needs and administrative tasks, ensuring smooth operations and financial clarity for your business.

Are you ready to...

Organize your chaotic inbox?

Tired of missing important emails buried in your cluttered inbox? Let me categorize and prioritize your emails, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and helping you stay on top of your communication.

Streamline your expense management?

No more lost receipts or overlooked expenses. As your virtual bookkeeper, I'll handle your expense tracking, categorizing transactions and reconciling accounts seamlessly, giving you a clear overview of your finances and saving you valuable time.

Boost your productivity with efficient data entry?

Say hello to increased productivity and accuracy. As your virtual admin assistant, I'll take care of all your data entry needs, from updating databases to inputting customer information, allowing you to focus on growing your business

Refine your invoicing process?

Let me handle your invoicing tasks from start to finish. I'll ensure invoices are sent promptly, track payments, and follow up on overdue invoices, so you can maintain a healthy cash flow without the hassle.

”Shiela and I have worked together for over two (2) years and she really helped grow the business, she really brought a lot to the table and she wear different hats and whoever will brought her to the team will be satisfied."

Nate Bodner
CEO / BodLED Lighting

"Shiela has been incredibly helpful. She has recorded all my hours and created invoices and emailed them to my clients, she applied for trade accounts and figuring out new programs. She's incredibly tech savvy, very smart and just know how to get things done really quickly. It's been an investment that's completely worth it."

Sara Machlis
CEO / Interior Designer, Soulteriors